Argan Oil For Skin

Moroccan Argan oil for skin is undoubtedly ‘the best’ kind of product on the market. It is produced in Morocco but distributed worldwide. It is in global demand for its skin healing and nourishing qualities.

The Argania Spinosa tree is located in south western Morocco and the oil extracted from the nut of this ‘Tree of Life’ is popularly known as Argan oil.

Argan oil is used both for cooking and it’s nutty flavour is a tasty addition to salad dressings. However the one which I want to talk about today is not used for culinary purposes but for skin conditioning.

History of Argan Oil

Pure Moroccan Argan oil, leaves skin glowing and feeling plumper and banishes fine lines and wrinkles which are clear signs of aging skin. The anti-inflammatory quality in this pure oil greatly benefits sufferers of rosacea. It also aids in skin cell renewal and is a wonderful formula for after-sun usage. Just like any good balm it calms down the redness produced by sun burn and moisturises those sore patchy areas that can arise from sun exposure.

So many people these days are finding that Argan oil is outstanding as a standalone moisturiser. It is affordable and now accessible to all.

For many hundreds of years it has been used by Moroccan Berbers to combat the harsh weather conditions in the furious Moroccan heat. Protecting the Berber’s skin like a shield against the fierce elemental weather. People use it there for its skin toning benefits too, rather than washing with water you’ll find that most Moroccan women in Marocavie cleanse their face with Moroccan Argan oil. It helps them conserve their very precious water supplies. Argan oil is their preferred method of conditioning skin. Severe skin conditions like we in the western world suffer such as Eczema and Psoriasis are eradicated by the application of Argan oil and are practically non-existent in this corner of the world.

The Argania Spinosa tree is native to Morocco and although found in other countries for example Israel, the Moroccan tree is thought to yield the highest quality nuts. The nuts are pummelled and cold pressed to extract the very precious oil. Demand for this oil is outstripping any competitors. Coconut oil and jojoba producers are finding there is less demand for their product and are now looking to suppliers of Argan oil to provide a new source to the ever expanding market.

About Pure Argan Oil

Pure Argan oil is 100% preservative free and has no additives. It is so pure that you can use it on you baby’s skin. Although a nut based oil if you have no allergy to nuts there is no impediment to you using Argan oil as a moisturiser, after sun balm, toner and skin nourishment. In a way you’d be doing your skin a massive boost. Applied topically before bathing it acts as a wonderful moisturiser, leaving your skin smooth and well fed. Applied after bathing it retains the moisture your skin requires for flexibility and comfort. The biggest benefit to anyone is that it is a very affordable product. 100mls of oil lasts about one month and it doesn’t break the bank to buy it.

On moonlight nights there is nothing better than running a nice warm bath, exfoliating your skin and then patting yourself dry with a fluffy towel. Afterwards apply and massage Argan oil well into your skin. Enjoy the lightness of this oil and luxuriate in the moisture you know you are giving your skin. It is guaranteed to keep on working beyond your expectations.

Following a very long sunbathing session last week, I used Argan oil as an after sun balm. My skin was a tad red from spending too long outdoors sans a sunscreen cream. Don’t ask me why? It’s not something I would recommend anyone does for any particular duration of time but I did it anyway. So much to my annoyance I was left with bright red rings on my shoulders and on my nose and chin. I could’ve wept. So it will come as no surprise to anyone that I used some Argan oil to restore the good condition that my skin requires. It worked a treat and the following morning when I arose to get ready for the day ahead. My skin had turned from a flushed, lobsterish red to a beautiful golden tan. A nice little taster for what will hopefully be for the summer in store.

How Argan Oil can Help You

I have heard so much positive feedback about Moroccan Argan oil from people who suffer with Eczema. They report that the dry, itchy flaky skin is banished once they’ve been applying Argan oil regularly and these results are apparent within a three day usage timespan.

Psoriasis sufferers also report a real decrease in their symptoms. One man specified that he no longer had silvery patchy elbows and knees and that pure Argan oil acted like a balm not only to his skin but also his aching joints. He found the benefits of using Argan oil in his daily regimen life changing. Using Argan oil has untangled him from the pain and daily suffering of Psoriasis and he spends much of his free time now writing articles on the benefits of regular use to his discerning fellow patients at the dermatology clinic.

I myself don’t know what it is like to have a serious skin condition for me In my teens it was the regular little clusters of acne breakouts. My daughter is much the same as me when I was younger. She uses Argan oil every morning and night now and declares that it is one of the best things that has ever happened to her. Sure she still gets spots it is all linked to your raging hormones at the age of fourteen but the anti-inflammatory qualities of Argan oil soon put paid to that. The little breakouts she has do not last for very long. Who can say fairer than that, the emerge, bloom quickly and once Moroccan oil is applied disperse even quicker.